Ag Activism

Let’s Play: Ag Online Game

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture introduces its new and enhanced version of “,” a free online interactive gaming platform, that focuses on third- through fifth-grade students. The new version offers more agriculture-related games and activities for kids coupled with additional educator resources. FULL STORY »

Lessons from the hen house

Strategies for changing those perceptions generated some interesting discussions at last week’s National Institute for Animal Agriculture conference, particularly during a presentation from Clint Hickman. FULL STORY »

Building bridges

Factual information about food production, safety and nutrition, delivered to the right audiences, can shift public perceptions. FULL STORY »

Putting the polish on the public’s perception of farming

Does the public think that farmers are protecting the environment, taking good care of their animals and producing food that is safe and wholesome for their families? Who is the general public? Is it your neighbor, the family in Los Angeles, or is it the person reporting the news? These are tough questions to answer, but worth your time to try. FULL STORY »

Social media meets ethics

Whether you’ve just dipped a toe into the pool of social media or you’ve jumped in with a splash, at some point you need to surf an ethical wave in this vast new ocean. That is, how do you and your employees use these wonderful, wide-reaching tools in a professional, beneficial way and avoid getting smacked by damaging, or worse, illegal, usage. FULL STORY »

Learn how to listen with social media

The Internet is the third most popular news platform in the world, only second to local and national TV news. And, social media accounts for the majority of the news consumed on the Internet. FULL STORY »

For the Record: Straight talk about antibiotic use in food animal production

Looking for straight talk about antibiotic use in food animal production? Check out the latest edition of For the Record. FULL STORY »

The human element of farmers: Sports obsession & Oscar dresses

The University of Nebraska is moving to the Big Ten next year. You likely knew that already, and if you follow me on Twitter, I did all I could to drill this information into your eyeballs last June while the whole conference realignment business was at its fever pitch. Because of the magical convergence of GPS autosteering in my tractor, a Blackberry and long days applying fertilizer, I could follow and share all the information the interwebs had to offer about which school was going where and which conferences might collapse. To say I was obsessed would be understating the fact; to say I was annoying wouldn’t be incorrect. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Photo follies and flagrant falsehoods

Efforts to protect farmers from animal-rights extremists create some interesting discussions, strange bedfellows and of course, self-serving, misleading propaganda. FULL STORY »

Video contest: Modern agriculture is…

The CropLife Ambassador Network is turning to all involved in modern agriculture for help in sharing our real story with youth by hosting its first YouTube-style video contest. FULL STORY »

Add your two cents

The Professional Dairy Producers Foundation has launched a new campaign to allow dairy producers to easily contribute financial support to its programming. The new “Two Cents for Tomorrow” campaign invites producers to voluntarily contribute up to two-cents per hundredweight of milk from their farms. The campaign seeks to raise at least $2 million annually to help bolster the industry through producer-driven education programs. FULL STORY »

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