When Ree Drummond graduated from college in California, she never dreamed an Oklahoma ranch life would be in her future — let alone a farm and ranch life that would launch her into stardom.  But next week, the Food Network will embark on a new TV cooking show based on Ree’s life ... and it all started with a blog.

After leaving city life behind to marry a cowboy and move to his ranch, Ree wanted to share her passions for photography, cooking, raising her four kids, and showing a few ranch-life happenings with her family and friends. "The Pioneer Woman" blog began in 2006 and took off - connecting readers around the world to her Oklahoma ranch life. Today, the blog has more than 13 million followers, all anxious to read about her day-to-day activities: everything from recipes like Peach Whiskey Barbeque Chicken, to her favorite lipstick, to 10 things she's learned from blogging.

Many lessons can be taken away from Ree's story, but for those of us in agriculture, the best takeaway is that people are craving a connection to what we do. And, with that, we have the power to influence masses of people if we just take the lead from people like Ree - engage in conversation, be open and honest, and share your story. It's estimated that less than 2 percent of Americans still live on a working farm; which means we have an audience of 98 percent of the United States to engage in something they’re unfamiliar with, and could potentially find interesting.

If you've stopped blogging because you didn’t see the value in it; if you've considered a blog post but never got around to it; if you don’t think you can make a difference, look no further than The Pioneer Woman for inspiration. Know A California Farmer is building momentum, sharing one strong voice of California farmers and ranchers. It’s the central place to share your stories with those craving to know how you grow the things that make life possible.

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