KLA hosted two environmental workshops last week for confined animal feeding operators. The workshops were led by KLA Environmental Services agronomist Mandy Fox . Participants received hands-on help with their nutrient management plans, discussed specifics of the new monthly and annual reporting requirements and became better acquainted with the details of their individual National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits.

“The recordkeeping and reporting requirements necessary for confined animal feeding operations to stay in compliance are becoming increasingly complex,” according to Fox. “If you’re not in compliance the fines imposed by EPA can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars.”

KLA’s new Scott City office was the site of the first workshop. The second workshop was held at Innovative Livestock Services headquarters in Great Bend . A KLA environmental workshop for dairy operators will be held Thursday (4/29) in Garden City. Contact Jody Wacker for registration information.

For more information visit www.kla.org.