Is your teat dip meeting your herd's needs?

Your teat dip may need an adjustment based on the season or type of bedding that you use. Here are some important factors to consider. FULL STORY »

Is water quality impacting milk quality?

The quality of water on your dairy directly influences the performance of the hygiene chemicals used to clean and sanitize your milking system and bulk tank. If the cleaning process is not performing, bacteria can thrive within the system and affect milk quality. FULL STORY »

Treating mastitis in dairy cattle with vitamin D

A natural remedy that delays and reduces the severity of mastitis infection in dairy cattle is being investigated by scientists at the USDA. FULL STORY »

Advice on the care and cleaning of milking units

Here are some tools that you can use to ensure that milk-handling equipment does not cause high bacteria counts in milk. FULL STORY »

100 Minn. dairies honored for cow care, quality milk

In celebration of National Dairy Month, Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson has recognized Minnesota’s top 100 dairy farms for their commitment to exceptional dairy cow care. FULL STORY »

NMC creates Facebook page

The National Mastitis Council's Facebook presence allows the organization to share useful information with its followers, including management tips and industry updates that correspond with NMC’s goal of improved milk quality. FULL STORY »

A look at the milking system water supply

A carefully developed plan for water use, reuse and disposal will result in significant savings in water use in the milking center. FULL STORY »

New milk residue screening test

Access to a highly sensitive and specific confirmatory test that allows dairy producers to check milk samples for drug residue concentrations is now available through the Cyclone Custom Analyte Detection Service at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. FULL STORY »

Cull cows with chronic mastitis

Cows with chronic mastitis problems act as a reservoir of infection for the rest of the herd. They cost you money in treatment costs and lost milk production, and they spend more time in the hospital barn requiring time-consuming care. FULL STORY »

Keep an eye on liner cracks

Rubber goods such as liners and short milk tubes are prone to deterioration and cracking, providing an ideal place for bacteria to grow and hide from cleaners and sanitizers. FULL STORY »

CSI: Mastitis

Setting up a lab on-farm to culture milk can help you find the culprits behind mastitis. FULL STORY »

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