What's on the horizon for mastitis detection?

Learn what new technology options may be the way of the future in mastitis detection. FULL STORY »

New antibiotic could make food safer and cows healthier

Food-borne diseases might soon have another warrior to contend with, thanks to a new molecule discovered by chemists at the University of Illinois. The new antibiotic, an analog of the widely used food preservative nisin, also has potential to be a boon to the dairy industry as a treatment for bovine mastitis. FULL STORY »

Educational materials in Spanish

A handful of dairy-specific publications are available from the Cooperative Extension System. Topics range from biosecurity to by-products in dairy heifer diets. FULL STORY »

Do more with your milk test records

Upcoming web seminars will show you how to use four customized spreadsheets from Penn State to analyze your dairy's test day data. FULL STORY »

Examine your milking system

The latest installment in the eXtension milking management and mastitis series looks at the relationship between the milking system equipment and mastitis. FULL STORY »

Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network

The web site provides the dairy industry with new tools and knowledge to improve udder health and milk quality, as well as to reduce the significant economic losses due to mastitis. FULL STORY »

Make better mastitis treatment decisions

The latest installment in the eXtension Mastitis and Milk Management Weekly Series reviews scientific data that can be used to improve clinical mastitis therapy. FULL STORY »

New SCC benchmarking tool available

Compare your herd’s bulk tank somatic cell count to other herds around the nation. FULL STORY »

High Plains Dairy Conference is just around the corner

The conference will feature a panel discussion on “Adapting to Declining Water Resources,” as well as a broad range of production topics. FULL STORY »

Dry-off practices affect lying time

Ohio State University research shows that abrupt cessation of milking at dry off caused cows to spend less time lying down during the first five days after dry-off than before dry-off. FULL STORY »

Use monitoring to find SCC problems

A monitoring program is an early alert system that allows you to know where to begin when troubleshooting high SCC problems. FULL STORY »

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