Keep milking equipment clean

Proper cleaning of milking equipment contributes to high-quality milk production. Goals of cleaning milking equipment are (1) to prevent microbial growth and (2) to remove residual milk solids. FULL STORY »

Heifer hygiene for mastitis prevention

Udder health starts before heifers give their first drop of milk. Read tips for preventing mastitis and launching heifers into healthy lactations. FULL STORY »

New research on organic dairy herd health and well-being

A multi-state research team has collected data on animal disease, diagnostic methods and treatment, and herd health management on 200 organic and 100 conventional dairy farms located in Wisconsin, New York and Oregon. Preliminary data provide new information about the perception of disease, treatment strategies and the role of veterinarians on organic dairy farms. FULL STORY »

Handling Staphylococcus aureus mastitis

Staphylococcus aureus is the most prevalent contagious mastitis pathogen. The main reservoir for S. aureus is the infected udder. FULL STORY »

New research on mastitis treatment

University of Wisconsin milk quality specialists recently reported the results of a study involving antimicrobial usage on large dairy herds in Wisconsin. FULL STORY »

Manure solids for bedding…does it work?

Stall bedding materials have become increasingly expensive and difficult to find. This situation has prompted many dairy producers to search for more feasible alternatives such as sand or recycled manure solids. FULL STORY »

New factsheet on E.coli mastitis available

The implementation of control measures for contagious mastitis pathogens has successfully reduced the prevalence of these organisms in U.S. dairy herds. However, the control of environmental pathogens remains a daunting task. FULL STORY »

Nominations sought for NMC Award of Excellence

Nominations are now being accepted for the NMC Award of Excellence for Mastitis Prevention and Control. New this year, the award will be awarded annually to an active National Mastitis Council member for sustained contribution to mastitis prevention and control through research, extension or education, clinical practice, or service to producers. FULL STORY »

NMC hosts mastitis and milk quality meeting in January

The National Mastitis Council (NMC) 51st Annual Meeting will be in St. Pete Beach, Fla. FULL STORY »

Something to think about

Would you fly with a pilot who did not use a checklist? Aviation history tells us that the pilot checklist concept was inspired by a tragic accident on Oct. 30, 1935, when a prototype for the Boeing B-17 crashed during takeoff at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. At first everyone thought that the plane had crashed because it was just too much plane for any single pilot to fly, but upon further investigation the cause of the crash was identified as “pilot error” -- the pilot had neglected one important step before take off. FULL STORY »

Milking robots are growing up

In the 1970s the idea of a machine or robot that could perform all that was necessary to milk a cow without human intervention seemed to most of us either a fantasy or a space age dream! FULL STORY »

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