WSDA / WSU residue meeting for dairy producers & veterinarians

FDA will soon begin a milk sampling program aimed at approximately 900 dairies across the US that have had a meat residue violation in the past three years. These dairies will be randomly selected from a national pool of 1600-1800 dairies. FULL STORY »

A look at mammary immunity

Dairy cows undergo several physiological changes during the onset of lactation that can impact the magnitude and duration of mammary gland inflammatory responses. FULL STORY »

Energy balance of cows and mastitis: Potential linkages

Try these suggestions to reduce excessive body condition loss in early lactation and thereby reduce mastitis. FULL STORY »



Study examines selenium's effect on heifer mastitis

New research looks at selenium supplementation before calving and its effect on early-lactation udder health of pastured dairy heifers. FULL STORY »

Dairy Focus: Got Milk Quality?

As of Jan. 1, 2011, U.S. dairy producers are bound by European Union standards for milk production. FULL STORY »

How Do Heifers Get Mastitis?

Before they give their first drop of milk, some heifers already succumb to intramammary mastitis infections. How does this happen? Mastitis specialists Steve Nickerson, PhD, with the University of Georgia, and Bill Owens, PhD, at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, say the answer is not completely clear. FULL STORY »

Tools for a faster mastitis diagnosis on the horizon

Research says PCR tests hold promise as a tool to complement traditional methods of mastitis diagnostics. FULL STORY »

Mastitis Resource Center


Fresh cow mastitis cases can have lasting impacts

A cow’s mastitis status on day three after calving can affect milk production later in lactation. FULL STORY »

Help milkers monitor parlor performance

Use these tools to help parlor personnel better manage milk quality. FULL STORY »

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