The Penn State Extension Dairy Team is offering a milking practices workshop in February at several locations around the state.

Penn State milking practices workshop on tapConsistent milking practices that emphasize teat cleanliness, udder massage and rapid milking are one of the most important jobs on your dairy farm. Consistency of milking affects cow well-being, mastitis risk and milking speed. Consistent use of standardized milking practices such as predipping, forestripping, drying teats with a single-use towel, unit alignment, and rapid unit attaching and detaching at the right time are essential to quality milk production.

This workshop will reinforce best milking practices, including proper stimulation and the essentials of milk let-down. Graphing equipment will be used to demonstrate impact of prepping on milk let-down.

You will learn the following at this workshop:

  • New research on milk let-down.
  • How to milk for speed and teat health.
  • Best prepping procedure to reduce mastitis.
  • Tools/tips for monitoring milking performance.

For registration and program information, click here.


Source: Penn State Extension Dairy Team