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What’s your farm’s mastitis score?
Take this interactive quiz to learn where you need to focus your mastitis control efforts.

Zero in on SCC
Check out this archived Webinar that focuses on the science and control of somatic cell counts.

Fresh cow mastitis cases can have lasting impacts
A cow’s mastitis status on day three after calving can affect milk production later in lactation.

Mastitis primer
Get the basics on which organisms cause mastitis, where they lurk and how to best control them.

Help milkers monitor parlor performance
Use these tools to help parlor personnel better manage milk quality.

Tools for a faster mastitis diagnosis on the horizon
Research shows that PCR tests hold promise as a tool to complement traditional methods of mastitis diagnostics.

Energy balance of cows and mastitis: Potential linkages
Try these suggestions to reduce excessive body condition loss in early lactation and thereby reduce mastitis.

Celebrate 50 years with NMC
The National Mastitis Council marks a half-century of leadership in mastitis control and milk quality improvement at its annual meeting in January.

More on mammary immunity
Dairy cows undergo several physiological changes during the onset of lactation that can impact the magnitude and duration of mammary gland inflammatory responses.

Report shows snapshot of 2009 bulk tank somatic cell count data
USDA monitors milk quality in the U.S. using bulk tank milk somatic cell count data provided by four of the nation’s 10 Federal Milk Marketing Orders, which account for nearly half of the nation’s milk supply.