Need a refresher on how to better manage somatic cell counts? Or a training tool for employees? Then check out this archived Webinar that was conducted on Nov. 11.

It deals with somatic cell counts and features a brief overview of SCC, as well as methods for identifying trouble areas and problems cows, ways to reduce SCC and changes in acceptable bulk tank SCC.

The three sections of the Webinar are: 

  • An Introduction to Somatic Cells by Ron Erskine, Michigan State University
    Origin of somatic cells and the importance of a cow’s immunity
  • How to Control Mastitis and Lower Herd Milk Somatic Cell Count by Larry Fox, Washington State University
    Keys for mastitis prevention and practices to lower and maintain lowered SCC.
  • Using Records for High SCC and Mastitis Problem-Solving by Jeff Reneau, University of Minnesota
    Learn to use records to identify herd mastitis trends, herd SCC trends and individual problem cows to improve udder health and milk quality.

Download the Webinar.