Ration strategies for hot weather

Some areas of the country are already seeing temperatures conducive to heat stress. Use this advice to keep lactating cows on track. FULL STORY »

New feed nutrient technical note

"Animal Diets and Feed Management" focuses on managing feed inputs to reduce waste and nutrient excretion. FULL STORY »

Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference coming up

The conference will be held April 24-25 in Fort Wayne, Ind. Presentations will focus on nutrition and animal health, milk components, forage management and current issues. FULL STORY »

Podcast offers advice on DCAD feeding

Learn more about the dietary cation-anion difference of pre-fresh diets and its role in milk fever prevention. FULL STORY »

Florida nutrition symposium proceedings available

Tap into what the experts had to say recently about forage digestibility, amino acid balancing, rumen fermentation and more. FULL STORY »

Study: Subclinical milk fever linked to metritis

Fresh cows with subclinical hypocalcemia had an increased incidence of metritis compared to cows with normal blood calcium levels. FULL STORY »

Get the facts on grass forages and magnesium

A new fact sheet, entitled “Grass Forages and Magnesium Status of Dairy Cattle,” is available from the University of Wisconsin – Extension forage team. FULL STORY »

Managing hypokalemia

Hypokalemia can occur as a result of a variety of fresh cow diseases. FULL STORY »

Factors that impact mineral absorption

Mineral absorption varies from one mineral to another and by the form of the mineral. With many minerals, absorption of the mineral decreases as the amount in the diet increases. FULL STORY »

Drinking water for dairy cattle: Part 3

This is the third article in a three-part series addressing water quality. This article takes a look at water delivery on-farm. FULL STORY »

Drinking water for dairy cattle: Part 2

This is the second-article in a three-part series devoted to water in dairy cattle rations. This article addresses water treatment options. FULL STORY »

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