Drinking water for dairy cattle: Part 1

Water is the single-most important nutrient for dairy cows. FULL STORY »

Factors affecting feed conversion and nitrogen utilization efficiency in dairy herds

An on-farm survey was carried out on 40 commercial dairy farms in Merced County, California to study the effects of feed and feeding management variables on feed conversion and nitrogen utilization efficiency. FULL STORY »

Don’t overlook your water

Dairy producers spend a great deal of time, effort and money ensuring that dairy cow rations are fine-tuned to the “nth” degree. A few milligrams of this, a few parts per million of that, all to ensure that no stone goes unturned in the quest for the perfect ration. Unfortunately, in the process the most important nutrient of all often goes barely noticed and only lightly considered. What nutrient? Water. FULL STORY »

Transition diseases and the immune system

A poorly functioning immune system surrounding parturition can leave the dairy cow vulnerable to a host of transition diseases. FULL STORY »

The difference between macro and micro minerals

Macro minerals are present at larger levels in the animal body or required in larger amounts in the diet. FULL STORY »

How much zinc is needed in the dry period?

Required dietary zinc concentrations for dry and prefresh cows were reduced from 40 parts per million (ppm) by the NRC in 1989 to 22 to 30 ppm in 2001, depending upon age and dry matter intake. FULL STORY »

Exactly, what makes chromium so special?

Supplementation with chromium propionate can increase milk production in dairy cows, numerous studies have shown. So, what exactly is the mode of action? Jerry Spears, dairy scientist at North Carolina State University, explained this recently at the Cornell Nutrition Conference in East Syracuse, N.Y. FULL STORY »

Minerals: small amounts, major impact

Minerals comprise a small percentage of the diet, but can have huge consequences if supplements are removed or are supplied at inadequate levels in the ration. FULL STORY »



Mycotoxin sequestering agents could impact mineral nutrition

Check out this information on mycotoxins and mycotoxin sequestering agents. FULL STORY »

Estimations of water use for California dairy cows

Economic and regulatory constraints make it important to know the volume of water consumed and the mineral content of the water. FULL STORY »

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