With Acquire and Lifeline Perfect Udder, feeding a colostrum replacer or supplement to baby calves will no longer feel like a difficult task. Acquire and Lifeline provide high levels of bovine globulin protein through Proteiva™ Functional Proteins, plus other nutrients important for the newborn calf in its first 24 hours of life.

• It comes pre-measured in a sterile and sealed mixing bag so it’s easy and fool-proof to use— simply add warm water up to the fill line on the back of the package and vigorously shake until all solids are dissolved. The product is then ready for feeding directly from the pouch.

• Since it comes in its own mixing pouch, no buckets, whisks or utensils are needed. There’s nothing to clean or sanitize and there’s no risk of contaminating the product with a dirty bucket or utensil.
• The product is portable and goes where you go. All you need is a source of clean water. That’s all there is to it.


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Acquire & Lifeline Perfect Udder