Neogen Corporation has received approval from the FDA and National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) for its quick and easy BetaStar Plus assay, developed for use in the United States to detect dairy antibiotic residues, including ceftiofur, in milk. This approval allows milk producers and processors in the U.S. to use Neogen’s new test to comply with FDA regulations that require the mandatory testing of raw milk tankers for dairy antibiotic residues, under Appendix N of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO).

BetaStar offers over 10 years of proven global success in the detection of beta-lactam residues in milk. Neogen now offers BetaStar Plus, an AOAC-RI (Certificate 021107) validated method for the U.S. dairy market. The test sensitivities for BetaStar Plus have been recalibrated to meet the regulatory requirements for beta-lactam residues as determined by the U.S. FDA.

BetaStar ® Plus

  • Provides users a new option, and with its 5-minute incubation time, it is one of the easiest and quickest tests available.
  • Detects 6 out of 6 of the beta-lactam class of antibiotics.
  • Detects ceftiofur (as metabolite) on a distinct, separate test line.
  • Can be used in the lab, on the truck, or on the farm.
  • Neogen provides training support materials to assure that analysts stay current.
  • Has been designed to reduce rejection due to over-sensitive screening levels; detects closer to safe levels for penicillin, cloxacillin, ceftiofur and cephapirin than other rapid method tests.
  • Has a unique design that helps to filter out somatic cells in the milk, allowing for more accurate test results.
  • Is supported 24/7 by Neogen’s Technical Service group.


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