Schaefer’s FlipFan dairy cooling system is an extremely effective and reliable dairy cooling system and is ideal for dairies in extremely hot and arid climates such as the US Southwest and the Middle East to combat heat stress. FlipFan consists of a series of high velocity, long-throw steerable (180° rotation) misting fans, mounted on connected horizontal trusses on the upwind side of the shade.

The FlipFan is controlled by an iPad or iPod driven PLC that adjusts the FlipFan dairy cooling system for time, temperature, humidity, wind speed, milking and feeding schedules, thereby reducing energy cost and water usage over more conventional systems.  For instance, as the cows follow the shade through the day, or even outside at night, the misting fans follow the cows to provide maximum cooling. Cooler cows eat more, produce more milk and have much higher reproductive rates.

Schaefer Ventilation, well known for its highly reliable dairy exhaust and circulation fans, will distribute FlipFan via a limited, highly trained dealer network in the US and abroad.


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