Golden Calf Company LLC announces ColoQuick MAXX, a Colostrum Management System that offers a quick and proper thaw of frozen colostrum as well as optional pasteurizing. The concept is based on the establishment of a colostrums bank, where portions of good quality colostrum are available for feeding on demand.

When a calf is born, simply pull out the appropriate portions of colostrum and place the cartridges in the unit, in 15 minutes the colostrum is ready to feed to the newborn calf.

GCC ColoQuick MAXXThe ColoQuick MAXX can handle up to eight portions of colostrum at a time. A filling station comes with every system to enable quick testing of the colostrum and easy and hygienic filling of the disposable bags. The four-liter bags are kept inside green cartridges which prevent the bag from being damaged and enable the dairyman to easily thaw or pasteurize the colostrums in the unit. To feed, simply attach a hose and a nipple or a tube feeder directly to the cartridge.

The system includes: thaw and pasteurizing unit, a filling station, cartridges, four-liter disposable bags, a hose for feeding, feeding nipple, tube feeder (interchangeable with the nipple), two shoulder straps for easy handling of cartridge during feeding, and a colostrometer for quality testing.

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