Gold Spike Highly Concentrated Capsules provide powerful Smart bacteria that combat mastitis and high somatic cell counts (SCC) with no milk withhold.  Dairy cattle face environmental exposure to infection and disease, even in the best management.  To fight microscopic foreign pathogens Smart bacteria combat this assault by helping cows respond through the appropriate actions. Remember that not all foreign pathogen infections require the entire army of T-cells to defeat them. This over response can actually cause excess inflammation, edema, and even auto toxicity from the cells dying.

The Gold Spike Highly Concentrated Capsules solve this problem by delivering a one-two punch against foreign bodies.  This first punch is resisting pathogen growth through pathogen management and the second is providing regulated immune response with an immune modulator.

Pathogen management takes on the pathogen at its population source. Research shows branded strains B5000h, B5005h and B5150h Bacillus subtilis strains go head to head with Clostridium perfringens, E. coli, Salmonella and other pathogens to reduce their development rate by inhibiting their ability to grow.

Research also shows that immune modulator, Lactobacillus brevis 1E-1, enhances immune response from the digestive tract by helping the body select the correct response to the foreign pathogen.  By quieting the pro-inflammatory response that is responsible for the symptoms caused by pathogenic infections, the body can combat the infection without the negative impacts of over response.

This team approach keeps the cow’s body in balance to help her return to peak production faster.


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