Legend Heat Detection System is a new radio-automated heat detection system that collects and transmits cow activity data in real time via an antenna and receiver to Legend Track a Cow software. Each receiver can manage up to 250 cows. Legend Heat Detection System improves the ability to identify cows in heat by establishing a normal baseline activity based on steps taken per cow and alerting producers to abnormal spikes. Features of Legend Heat Detection System include the Track a Cow Pedometer and Software. Legend’s pedometer is the smallest tag in electronic heat detection systems at 2.65 ounces, and the only long range leg tag. Data is gathered in real time, every 6-7 minutes, allowing for heats to be detected quickly and timely decisions made. Data is collected through receivers and sent to an on-farm computer or laptop, allowing producers to generate reports and graphs. Legend Heat Detection System also establishes a standing/lying ratio to help identify other possible health issues such as lameness and mastitis. The typical return on investment is around 1 ½ years, benefitting producers with less days open, increased pregnancy rates, more cows producing milk, decreased use of drugs and semen and less labor for farm staff and management.


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Legend Heat Detection System