The exciting new Manure Treatment System from Livestock Water Recycling (LWR) completely treats and recycles manure liquids.

This economic new system pumps manure straight from the cistern of the livestock barns, extracts out the bulk solids, and sequentially removes fine solids from the liquid stream by the use of mechanical processes and chemical treatment.

The outputs from this innovative new system are a pileable solid, a very low odor nutrient concentrate and clean potable water.

The solids can be piled and moved onto adjacent lands as required.  Once the manure solids are removed, up to seventy percent of the remaining liquid is recovered water.  This water is processed and can be reused in the barns or on the land. This will assist livestock producers with any water shortage issues.  The liquid concentrate can be used as fertilizer on the existing lands or sold. 

The benefits of this full cycle treatment system are numerous.  By isolating and concentrating the solid and nutrient portion of the manure liquids from the water, the volume of product is greatly reduced.  This saves time and money by reducing spreading and transport costs.  Storage of this reduced volume is more manageable. This process reduces the reliance on lagoons for storage and therefore alleviates any associated odor issues.  The producer gains greater control over the concentration of nutrients on lands.  Best of all, the capital cost of the system is very economical.  Depending on the size of the operation the system is priced between $400k and $600k.


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