Lallemand Animal Nutrition, North America, has released a new formulation of Proternative SF: Proternative SF Plus.

Proternative SF is an active dry yeast, (Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii - 1079). In controlled research trials, animals fed ProTernative SF were able to better establish and maintain a healthy and balanced gut microflora and had improved immune function when compared to control animals. Neonatal calves fed ProTernative Stress Formula had fewer average days with diarrhea per calf compared to calves in the control group and their medicine costs were cut in half. Calves on a balanced plane of health are better equipped to fight the negative impacts of stress from calving and weaning.  Additionally, newborn calves have a naive immune system and benefit from reinforcement of optimal immune system function. In recent trials at Texas Tech University calves fed Proternative SF had improved feed intake during periods of stress and a 42.5% reduction in morbidity compared to calves fed a control ration.

The 1079 strain has been documented in more than 135 scientific publications and its main animal application is in swine, poultry and calf diets.

Due to its high concentration, Proternative SF live yeast is a low inclusion feed additive. When low inclusion does not fit with existing feed mixing technologies available, Proternative SF Plus is a good option applied 1 lb. per ton of feed or more to ensure a good mix.

*Proternative SF Plus is not currently available in Canada.


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