SiloSolveis a new line of silage inoculants engineered to address specific on-farm ensiling challenges, while preserving the nutritional value of forage.

The SiloSolve line consists of three new inoculant products, SiloSolve AS for Aerobic Stability, SiloSolve EF for Enhanced Fermentation and SiloSolve MC for Microbial Control.  Each product is engineered with bacteria strains proven to address each of these specific on-farm ensiling challenges, regardless of crop.

Traditionally, silage inoculants have been designed to be crop specific. SiloSolve focuses on the functionality of the inoculants in relation to the composition of a given crop. For instance, the SiloSolve approach takes into account a crop’s typical sugar and protein levels along with the typical dry matter concentration at harvesting. As an example, a crop low in sugar and high in protein ensiled with low moisture concentration can sometimes result in a silage that is not well fermented. In this case SiloSolve EF would be an ideal match. A crop to moisture matrix has been developed to help producers understand how to determine the best SiloSolve inoculant to use. SiloSolve changes the paradigm of how producers think about ensiling crops. Given the economic importance of producing and maintaining high nutritional value silage SiloSolve is exactly what the producer needs at exactly the right time.



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