ai24’s SCR HR-Tag contains a motion sensor, microprocessor, memory and a specially tuned microphone that detects a cow's rumination time, chewing rhythm and time between feed boluses. It also records a general activity index that quantifies all animal movement and movement intensity (walking, running, laying, standing up, head movements etc). An onboard CPU analyzes the vocal signals and calculates rumination time. Both activity and rumination data are stored in two hours blocks for up to 24 hours. Upon downloading, data can be displayed in either report or graphic format.

ai24’s SCR HR-Tag rumination monitoring provides the following advantages to dairymen:

  • Unparalleled accuracy in heat detection - rumination provides additional validation for cows displaying only borderline activity increases. Customers report up to 95 percent heat detection rate.
  • Exact determination of optimal insemination times for optimal conception rates.
  • Early detection of health problems - in many cases prior to cows exhibiting clinical signs and a drop in milk production.
  • Monitoring of post-partum recuperation and identification of early lactation metabolic issues.
  • Prompt detection of herd nutritional problems.
  • Monitoring of herd well-being (example: cooling system effectiveness during periods of heat stress). 

ai24's SCR HR-Tag has the following features:

  • Multifunctional tags - combine identification, activity monitoring and rumination monitoring in one single tag.
  • Highly reliable - Infra red communication, no regulatory constraints.
  • Easy to use - detailed graphic information only a few keystrokes away.
  • Scalability - can be utilized as a stand alone PC based system and later combined with SCR's milking point solutions and integrated into an SCR Data Flow full herd management system. The initial investment is never lost.
  • Farm proven - hundreds of thousands of SCR HR-Tags in use in farms throughout Europe and Oceania.


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ai24 SCR HR-Tag