2012 Innovation Awards

Heifer Genomics Guide (DHI-428)

Genomics. Genomic Evaluation. Genomics Technology. Peruse any dairy publication and you are bound to see these buzz words. FULL STORY »

H-Factor Milking Claw

Today’s high producing cows need a milking system that can handle higher flow rates to effectively produce all they are capable of. FULL STORY »

Global Ag Connections

Global Ag Connections (GAC) is a web-based software company for use by agricultural producers worldwide. FULL STORY »

FutureCow™ Prep System

The FutureCowTM Prep System provides an extremely effective and reliable process to wash, disinfect, dry and stimulate the cow’s teats prior to milking. FULL STORY »


Feedpail.com is the only online market place for bulk feed ingredients. FULL STORY »

Express Pistol Grip Dehorner

The Express Pistol Grip Dehorner is a portable device for dehorning cattle and goats designed for easy handling, quick trigger ignition, fast heating, and easy maintenance. FULL STORY »

ECALogix System

As dairy farms get larger, their ability to defend and control their operations against harmful micro-organisms becomes even more critical. FULL STORY »

Lactipro® Dairy

Lactipro® is a live commercial strain of the natural, lactic acid-utilizing bacteria, Megasphaera elsdenii, given to dairy cows during the transition to high-concentrate diets. FULL STORY »

Last Stand® with ImmWave®

Announcing Last Stand® with ImmWave® – a new, innovative emergency response for severe scours that threatens the life of a calf. FULL STORY »

Lely Juno 100 Automatic Feed Pusher

The Lely Juno moves along the feeding alley automatically, following the feed fence. While operating, the machine pushes feed toward the feed fence without disturbing the cows. FULL STORY »


The Milkworks® is the latest technology offered in the Dairy Tech, Inc family of colostrum management products. FULL STORY »

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Massey Ferguson 5600 Series

Our most advanced multi-tasking mid-range ever. Perfect for livestock, dairy, hay, and general all-around farm work, these exceptional loader tractors ... Read More

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