ARID Lite Bedding Recovery SystemThe ARID Lite Bedding Recovery system is a turnkey fully-automated containerized system that converts raw manure into safe, reusable, high quality, low cost bedding material. The modular system has a very small footprint and is geared to provide an affordable solution for 500-cow or less operations. Using a special process the system recovers only the large coarse fiber in manure, removing the sludge, nutrients and liquid using a conditioning feature exclusive to ARID Lite. The cleaned recovered fiber is then press dried, and is ready for immediate use as bedding material, the need for heating or composting eliminated by the conditioning process. The removed sludge and liquid is sent to storage for future use. Containerization is the key making the ARID Lite system shippable anywhere in the world, once on site and placed in position the container becomes the housing unit. Simply plug in the electrical service to the pre wired automated control system, connect the manure delivery line, turn on the system and start making bedding.

Features:                                                             Benefits:

• Better drainage                                             • More voids, drains urine away creating a dryer surface for the cow to lay on

• Increased airflow                                         • Promotes air drying in the installs reducing moisture content of bedding

• Reduced compaction                                  • Provides more comfort for the cows while laying down

• Less teat-to-small-particle contact        • Reduces the chances of intra-mammary infection by keeping teats cleaner

• Durable                                                            • Provides greater cow comfort, longer

• Less dust                                                          • Reduces air born and respiratory issues for cows and workers

Reason for Nominating:

ARID Lite is a turnkey package that provides an affordable, safe method of producing recovered bedding from dairy manure. Its proven mechanical technologies are energy efficient and reliable, providing very low operating and maintenance costs. It offers small-scale dairies an effective and affordable alternative to the existing high-cost, cumbersome and maintenance-prone drum composter bedding recovery systems. Containerized, the system is shipped in its own housing unit dramatically reducing, if not completely eliminating, onsite construction costs. ROI is quickly realized by eliminating monthly bedding purchases. In most cases the ARID Lite system produces more bedding than is required by the dairy providing a revenue opportunity for off-farm sales of fiber. Land application of the remaining liquids with its dramatically reduced solids means content becomes simpler, more economical and better for the grasslands.

 ARID Lite Bedding Recovery System

Designed and built for the small scale dairy industry it is completely automated making it simple and reliable to use and easily integrated into any farm application.

ARID Lite Bedding Recovery System