Bulk Tank BVD Testing – High Accuracy PCR TestMilk from the bulk tank or string samples can be used to screen herds for the presence of a persistently infected (PI) BVD animal in the milking string. Bulk tank samples can be taken from up to 3500 cows and should be repeated quarterly to make sure all cows are represented in the milking string throughout the year. Sample should be from a well-agitated bulk tank and from the first milking. Preserved samples may be used for testing and shipped without icepacks. Bulk tank/string sample testing is an excellent tool to monitor and maintain your herd free of adult PIs.

 Bulk Tank BVD Testing – High Accuracy PCR Test

This product differs from regular bulk testing in that over 3500 cows can be screened for BVD in just one test. This option is highly efficient as it saves dairy operations time and considerable costs.