Calf-Tel was the first to introduce a plastic modular pen system in 2006. Since then, the Calf-Tel Pen System has been embraced world-wide by dairies of all sizes. The inherent benefits of plastic: durability, bio-security, longevity, and labor saving attributes have more than proven themselves to dairymen.

The new Pen Front is the ONLY pen that allows you to adjust the bucket height independent of the entire front of the pen. Until now, all other options require you to lift the door in order to adjust the bucket height, which leaves a large gap at the bottom for bedding to escape. This gap allows for a significant amount of bedding to fall out into the isle way, which poses a bio-security risk and a loss of costly bedding from inside the pen.

Calf-Tel has reengineered the pen to eliminate this problem and allows for the independent raising and lowering of the buckets themselves. Dairymen will now lose less bedding and reduce the bio-security risk within their facilities. Other improvements, exclusive to Calf-Tel, include an enhanced feed divider and proprietary handle further improving the performance, functionality, and profitability to dairymen.

The new Calf-Tel Pen front is the only modular plastic pen front with independent bucket height adjustment. Other systems require the raiser to lift the entire front of the pen, which introduces additional labor requirements and leaves a gap at the bottom for bedding to escape.

 Calf-Tel All-New Pen Front

The new Calf-Tel Pen front allows for the greatest labor efficiency, reduces bedding costs, and reduces cross contamination from bedding waste in the isle way.

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