The Calf-Tel Eco hutch is the latest introduction to the Calf-Tel hutch family of products. The Calf-Tel Pro & Deluxe models have been immensely successful, providing superior calf housing since Calf-Tel’s first introduction in 1981.

The inherent unparalleled benefits of plastic: durability, bio-security, longevity, and labor saving attributes have more than proven themselves to dairymen.

The Pro & Deluxe models provide about 29 square feet of space for a calf; if a fence is used in conjunction with the hutch, the foot print goes up to about 53 square feet. While this square footage has been embraced world-wide, there are some of the largest facilities where this amount of space poses challenges. Therefore, these facilities have opted for a wood housing option that requires less square footage. Wood housing poses a significant bio-security challenge though. Calf-Tel’s Eco hutch provides these raisers with an option that is less demanding on their overall footprint, but most importantly provides an unparalleled bio-security friendly calf housing option. The Eco hutch requires about 23 square feet of space, 22% less than the Pro model. This allows the largest facilities to take advantage of the reduced foot print and the economies of scale the Eco hutch provides, while also realizing the features and benefits of the Calf-Tel line of housing products.

 Calf-Tel Eco

The Eco hutch is another industry first by Calf-Tel designed to meet the needs of the largest dairies and calf raisers, while also providing a highly engineered cost effective option. The Eco hutch is the only thermoformed, completely opaque hutch designed to meet all of the fundamental calf raising requirements, while also providing an economic, space saving, option for the largest dairy and calf raising facilities.


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