The Coneybearicade is a unique, custom-made feed barrier that significantly improves feed management capabilities.  Its innovative design makes it easy to move and virtually eliminates the task of pushing up feed from the alley to the cow.

Made from durable and easy-to-clean PVC planks, the Coneybearicade is a barrier that is 20 inches high and sits 30 inches from the front of the curb. Controlled by an automated winch and pulley control system, the board can be raised vertically by a cable five feet from the floor.

ConeybearicadeThis dynamic design feature allows it to be raised for easy cow feeding and cleaning of the manger.  When in the lowered position, it runs the length of the manger, creating an impervious wall that keeps the feed within easy reach of the cows.

ConeybearicadeBy keeping the feed consolidated and close to the cows, the feed will stay fresh and increase the cows’ dry matter intake because the feed is always within reach.  The result?  A cost savings for the farmer from less wasted feed and healthier, well-fed, more productive cows.

Easy to install and operate, it is a cost effective alternative to the robotic feed pushers currently on the market. It solves the problem of additional labor to push up feed to cows and wastes less feed.  It was designed & developed by an Ontario dairy producer with other producers in mind.