CowScout™S makes activity monitoring and heat detection easy and convenient using Cloud technology, providing access to the data anywhere, anytime. When a cow or heifer is in peak heat, activity levels increase and the CowScout leg or neck monitor sends a signal to a nearby wireless receiver.  The receiver then notifies the CowScout herd database which animals are active.  The CowScout database in-turn sends a message to a computer, mobile device or both – depending on pre-set preferences. As a standalone system, cows do not need to pass through a portal for information to be collected that disrupts cow flow. This allows CowScout to be used with a variety of facilities, including grazing operations and can be used in conjunction with any brand of milking equipment. 


  • Reduce labor for heat detection.
  • Increase pregnancy rates.
  • Decrease days open.
  • Limit need for hormones.

As a standalone system, CowScout does not interfere or require any integration with existing herd management software programs. CowScout is unique and allows the herd’s data to be looked up anywhere, anytime using an internet connection. It also fits in with any current management set-up and can be used on heifers as well as cows.

CowScout™S Activity Monitoring System

CowScout allows the producer to decrease hormone usage by catching animals in their natural heats via monitoring activity levels. CowScout detects more specific estrus-related activity detection compared to visual or chalking detection practices. CowScout will also monitor periods of low activity which can identify animals at risk for disease or help to proactively monitor herd health.