Feedpail.com is the only online market place for bulk feed ingredients. The online market place helps producers manage the price volatility of bulk ingredients and makes sourcing those ingredients fast and easy. There is no charge to use the listing service so producers can view, buy and bid on ingredients at no cost. 

Reason for Nominating:
As the only online market place for bulk feed ingredients, Feedpail.com meets an industry-wide need. Since launching in June there has been tremendous interest in using the market place with several hundred searches occurring each day as of mid-July.

An online marketplace for bulk feed ingredients was needed because:

1) more and more producers are looking for byproducts or alternative feeds

2) producers were struggling with the volatility of these ingredient markets

3) producers had a large amount of time and cost associated with sourcing these ingredients

With a large percentage of the market now buying bulk feed ingredients directly onto their operation an online market place solves the needs of producers by helping them manage through market volatility and makes sourcing faster, easier and cheaper. The sites simple functionality and broad access makes it a tool that every dairy producer can use.