The FutureCowTM Prep System provides an extremely effective and reliable process to wash, disinfect, dry and stimulate the cow’s teats prior to milking.  The system starts with a control box mounted in a storage room or dry area away from the parlor. The FutureCowTM Prep System is driven by a 24 volt DC motor, connected to the handle via a flexible drive shaft. The lightweight, ergonomically designed handle houses three rotating brushes.  The handle dispenses a chlorine dioxide solution to clean and sanitize the teat with the newly enhanced solution blending system.  Inside the handle, two white brushes cleanse the barrel of the teat and a patent pending bi-layer brush cleans the teat ends.  The brushes also dry the teats by wicking away excess moisture.   Within seconds the cow is clean, dry and ready for the milking machine.


  • Increase parlor efficiency – Preps more cows per hour than by hand. In parlors that have been previously maxed out, between 30 and 90 minutes per shift can be gained with the FutureCowTM Prep System. This valuable extra time can be utilized by parlor staff to perform more extensive wash-ups or milk more cows.
  • Reduce labor – Cow prep is streamlined and accomplished in one step, expediting milking operations.  By shortening the prep process, fewer workers are required.  In situations where labor is already at a minimum, the FutureCowTM Prep System allows producers to milk more cows per hour with the same number of workers.  
  • Decrease cost of towels – By decreasing towels, laundry time, detergent and energy costs for laundry, further cost savings can be achieved.
  • Improve teat health – Cleaner, healthier teats are less prone to mastitis.  Thorough teat prep means consistent exfoliation of teats and aids in softer, healthy teats.

FutureCowTM technology is manufactured by Alpha Technology USA Corp., and GEA Farm Technologies is the sole distributor.

The FutureCowTM Prep System has been designed with cow comfort and milk production in mind. The durable, yet soft brushes, efficiently remove manure and debris while providing needed stimulation to the teat to ensure milk letdown. The multi-layered teat-end brush appropriately accounts for varying teat lengths and ensures the teat-end is always cleaned. Brush speed and pressure are precise for optimal stimulation, maximum milk let down and milk out.

FutureCow™ Prep SystemThe FutureCowTM Prep System encompasses all of the prepping steps in one unit that operates efficiently and consistently every single time. Using the system decreases the amount of labor needed and can decrease or even eliminate the use of towels. It is also a cost effective method to increase milk quality and teat health. Finally, the system can track the number of cows prepped during each milking shift, serving as an additional tool to monitor staff prepping procedures.