Global Ag Connections (GAC) is a web-based software company for use by agricultural producers worldwide. This website will allow producers to access herd records anywhere, anytime with an Internet connection; generate a reproductive analysis and/or manage animal production; and provide suggestions for improvements regarding productivity, maintenance, reproduction, history of each animal and operational expenses. The producer has complete control and can use this web-based software program to help improve efficiencies. GAC will help increase efficiencies in large operations where time is limited and help to increase the competitiveness of smaller operations by providing better tools at an affordable price.

Global Ag Connections is introducing two areas on the website: an analysis tool and a data management tool.

Analysis Tool - A ReproAdvisor can help you quickly upload your data from your current management software system; within seconds GAC will analyze the data and provide you a report specifying the areas where you are efficient and areas where you need improvement. The ReproAdvisor will help you review the analysis report and then you decide what your next step is for managing your herd! 

Data Management Tool - Simply upload your individual herd information. Track over 40 items or even add your own traits to manage. No need for expensive programs to manage your herd.

What are the benefits of GAC? Customer-focused; Easy to use; Save time and money; Use on a mobile or tablet; Works on any type of computer system; Web-based, no software or updates to install; Affordable; Producer has complete control over who can view data; Improvements and updates will happen seamlessly to the producer; Real-time access; and Data is safe and backed up!

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Unique to the market because it's affordable. Currently we are offering this website to producers for FREE! This program also complements other dairy management software.

GAC has tools that will complement or in some cases replace your existing management software. GAC simplifies data and makes the data easy to read. Continue to use your current management software as usual. Then, let GAC take it to the next level by providing professional graphs, data analysis and management reports that let you decide what your herd needs.

Global Ag Connections