Today’s high producing cows need a milking system that can handle higher flow rates to effectively produce all they are capable of. When the system is restricted, vacuum fluctuates and becomes unstable. This will cause milk flow to slow down due to the decreased vacuum, liner movement is compromised, and cross contamination becomes a risk.

H-Factor Milking ClawBack in the late 1970’s milk production levels reached around 50 lbs. of milk, per cow, per day. The dairy equipment industry recognized that those increased flow rates were causing the milking system to flood which in return caused cows production to stagnate, milking slowed down, and udder health suffered. To prevent the system from flooding, they started producing milking claws with larger outlets. That was when the 5/8” outlet claws were introduced. Dairymen began using this new technology and immediately started seeing some amazing results: Cows milked out faster, Milk production increased, Mastitis and SSC were reduced.

Forty years later, milk production is now averaging around 80 lbs. of milk, per cow, per day. Doesn’t it stand to reason that today’s cows are experiencing the same problem as they did in the late 1970’s?

H-Factor Milking ClawThe BECO H-Factor milking claw is designed with the patented 7/8” outlet that, by design, can accept either a 3/4” or 7/8” hose to create more capacity to move milk from the cow to the milk line. Increased capacity will result in greater vacuum stability, faster and more complete milk out, and optimum conditions for maintaining udder health.

There is not a claw on the market that has larger than a 5/8” outlet. Whichever brand of claw that you milk with today, regardless of when you purchased them, there is a 90% chance that it has a 5/8” outlet, which was the technology of the 1970’s when milk production reached 50 lbs. of milk per cow, per day. This new product is patented.