Genomics.  Genomic Evaluation.  Genomics Technology.  Peruse any dairy publication and you are bound to see these buzz words.  Our industry is on the genomics fast track.  Dairy producers are testing heifers at an ever-increasing rate. University and industry researchers are touting the benefits of using genomics as an evaluation tool.  Now the question is:  What to do with all of this genomic data?

Dairy Records Management Systems has the answer.  The Heifer Genomics Guide (DHI-428) is now available to all dairy producer clients on DHIA test who genotype. Genomics results flow from UDSA-AIPL to DRMS and are merged with relevant management information. The result is the Heifer Genomics Guide.

Which heifers should be the dams of your next generation?  The Heifer Genomics Guide helps zero in on heifers with the most potential.  Feed costs getting you down?  Ranked lists enable you to make more informed culling decisions before you grow them out.  How about a list of heifers to flush? Heifers are ranked based on their genetic potential when compared to their cohort heifer group and to the current milking herd.

To get the greatest benefit from genomics, tools such as the Heifer Genomics Guide are becoming increasingly important.  The Guide enables producers to make informed decisions about their heifers from a genomics perspective and will help elevate the value of genetics in U.S. dairy herds.

We are excited to be the first company to reach the market with a product that allows dairy producers to actually use their genomic data to make important management decisions.  While the industry is buzzing about genomics, there is only one DHI report available on the market, which is our Heifer Genomics Guide.  It presents rather complex data in a format which is both unique and useable.

Heifer Genomics Guide (DHI-428)