Lactipro® DairyLactipro® is a live commercial strain of the natural, lactic acid-utilizing bacteria, Megasphaera elsdenii, given to dairy cows during the transition to high-concentrate diets. 

To achieve high levels of milk production, energy intake by cows must be maximized soon after freshening.  This normally requires feeding increased levels of high-concentrate diets that are rich in starches and other rapidly fermented carbohydrates. 

Sudden increases in the supply of rapidly fermented carbohydrates can lead to overproduction and accumulation of lactic acid in the rumen.  Lactic acid is a 10-fold stronger acid compared to the desirable volatile fatty acids, and is an important cause of severe depressions in ruminal pH, and hence, the development of ruminal acidosis.

Lactipro® DairyMegasphaera elsdenii is a highly effective lactic acid-utilizing microorganism, and plays a critically important role in maintaining a balance of desirable volatile fatty acids within the digestive tracts of high-producing dairy cattle.  Naturally occurring Megasphaera organisms are slow in populating the rumen, providing opportunity for digestive disturbances when dairy cows are switched to high-concentrate diets.

Lactipro® consists of billions of viable cells of our patented strain of Megasphaera elsdenii, and when dosed to cows before freshening, provides an immediate boost in the population of lactate-utilizing organisms within the rumen.


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