Pedometer plus for Improving cow comfort

Consumers today are much more aware of animal welfare issues. Furthermore, research has shown that ethical treatment of animals, improved concern for their comfort and improved practices has the benefit of also improving milk productivity, foot health and milk quality.

Pedometer PlusModern dairy farming practices emphasize on providing better living environment to dairy animals for increasing cow welfare. Producers make efforts providing comfortable bedding, optimal groups' density, and better access to food and water as well as to prevention of health problems.

Pedometer PlusThe efforts made in dairy farms today to increase cow comfort require means of monitoring and control. The AfiMilk Pedometer Plus Tag combines standard activity data with valuable information about cow’s rest and restlessness. This combination embraces most of the behavioral parameters thus allowing an accurate evaluation of cow comfort and welfare.

Improve Profit Margins through Early Intervention

The AfiMilk Pedometer Plus Tag provides timely detection of changes in individual and group behavior thus signaling the dairy manager of potential health or environmental conditions. By immediate intervention, more serious health issues are avoided, costs reduced, and herd health and comfort levels are maintained.


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