The Powerfoil® X2.0, significantly increases the coverage area and warranty of the Big Ass Fan Company’s successful Powerfoil X overhead fan. The Powerfoil X2.0 introduces a unique patented airfoil system that combines patented airfoils and winglets with patent-pending AirFence™ technology to increase a single fan’s overall coverage area by 28%.

Certain tried-and-true features of the Powerfoil X remain, including the time-tested NitrolSeal™ gearbox. This durability is backed by a 15-year, nonprorated warranty on Powerfoil X2.0 fans with certified installation.

Powerfoil X2.0Another exciting feature of the Powerfoil X2.0 is its optional Wash Down package – the first of its kind in the industry. Created as a direct response to the strict demands of the food processing industry, Powerfoil X 2.0 Wash Down features a stainless steel, wash-down motor to withstand intense cleaning, a completely sealed NitroSeal gearbox, and nonporous materials throughout. Place it in the milking parlor or over an ice cream production line—it’ll take any abuse food production areas can dish out.

Decades of research have proven what generations of farmers can tell you—that comfortable cows produce more milk. The powerful air movement provided by large diameter, low speed fans, such as Powerfoil X2.0, can make your herd feel up to 10 F cooler. By improving natural ventilation and moving fresh air across your cows, you create a natural and healthier environment.

The 8- to 24-ft. diameter Powerfoil X2.0 was developed by a team of engineers in the Big Ass Fan Company’s custom-built research and development facility, the only facility of its kind in the world.


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