The radical new design of Lagoon Pump developed by Jamesway Farm Equipment takes much less time and less fuel to agitate the toughest lagoons. 

The patented hybrid turbine chops solids entering the propeller-type core, while the integral impeller blades at the outer edge produce cannon flow and pressure.  The Pumpeller agitation power exceeds that of traditional pump & prop lagoon pumps without the need for any gearbox. 

Pumpeller Hybrid Lagoon PumpProduct Engineer, Dominic Manseau, relates: “The output of the hybrid turbine does two jobs: First, the turbine core pushes manure into the impeller blades, in effect supercharging the pump capacity which is very noticeable in thicker material; and secondly the rest of the turbine output is vented right through the pump housing to move processed manure away from the pump.  The huge throughput of the turbine produces incredible intake suction that pulls solids into the cutter knives, chopping up the largest rafts of solids in mere seconds.  It’s a lot like passing through a jet engine…not much survives the trip”

The direct-drive impeller eliminates the need for a gearbox.  This simple design results in maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance cost.  The PUMPELLER Hybrid Lagoon Pump uses the proven Ultra-Pump chassis, with trailer models up to 62 ft and 3-PH Mount models up to 25 ft.


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