SOP GOLD COW, is an innovative product now available through Accelerated Genetics.

Designed and realized by the exclusive SOP Frequential Nanotechnologies, it controls environmental pathogens and consequently reduces the Somatic Cell Count (SCC).

The presence of dangerous environmental pathogens in the barn, such as E. coli, Klebsiella sp., Streptococcus sp. and Staphylococcus sp., is a common cause of environmental mastitis and a high SCC. The SOP® technology has been the subject of numerous Scientific Publications from various Universities such as Cornell, Guelph, and Milan. Along with these Universities and the National Mastitis Council (2006-2011), demonstrated its effectiveness in the long term reduction of environmental pathogens: E-Coli -99% NMC 2007; Staphylococcus -97% NMC 2007; Streptococcus -82% NMC 2009; Prototeca zopfii -90% NMC 2008; Klebsiella -99,9% NMC 2011.

SOP GOLD COWNew SOP GOLD COW is placed directly in the mixing wagon (2grams=0.07oz/day/head); it arrives in the barn environment by passing through the animal (without affecting the digestion process and the nutritional value of the daily ration) and acts as a bio-hygienizer.

It has a dual action: it keeps the cows drier and cleaner by increasing the humifying process of the manure and it aids cow health, drastically reducing environmental pathogens. A paper presented at ADSA (July 2012, Phoenix USA) shows a decrease of over 50% of SCC in a group using SOP GOLD COW! Similar results are being obtained in other barns which have started using SOP GOLD COW (USA, Canada, and Europe).

Protect your herd, keep your barn environment under control and give more value to your milk with SOP GOLD COW!


Download the SOP GOLD COW pdf.