Shredlage™ is a new, patent pending and revolutionary technology to process corn and/or sorghum silage that replaces a conventional kernel processer.  It allows for a much longer particle length (TLC), 30 MM vs. 19 MM for conventional silage, annihilates corn kernels and shreds the plant vertically which increases microbial surface area and improves effective fiber without sorting.  And, because of the particle configuration, Shredlage™ packs better for improved oxygen removal that results in better silage fermentation.

The actual product we sell is a processing unit that mounts inside a conventional corn chopper.  The Chopper cuts the corn to length then runs the “silage” through our processor that shreds the stocks length ways while crushing the kernel and cob, much like the conventional kernel processors being used now.  So, in a statement, we sell a kernel processor replacement that allows for a much longer cut providing a much improved feed for the cow. 

Research conducted at the University of Wisconsin by Luiz Ferraretto and Randy Shaver shows Shredlage™ cows outperformed the control cows in milk production while maintaining strong components and feed utilization.  Lactic acid development, packing density, starch digestibility, dry matter intakes, sorting and other measurements were reported to be equal to, or improved over the conventionally processed silage.  Further research is planned to better understand Shredlage™ and its benefits.

During the demonstration year of 2011, Shredlage, L.L.C. and it’s demo-participants processed an estimated 200,000 tons of Shredlage™, and reports on storage, feeding, sorting and performance are consistent with research results, and producers are very pleased with the economic benefits. 


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