APC, Inc. announced that it now has a complete line of calf colostrum products to meet the needs of every user, thanks to the addition of Boost™, a unique colostrum booster.

“We are really excited to add Boost to our LIFELINE® product family,” stated Bill Bernardo, President and Chief Operating Officer of APC, Inc. Consumer Products Division. “Now users can continue to utilize their own colostrum with added quality and nutrition.”

Boost colostrum booster is a nutritional supplement designed for users who want to use their own colostrum, but can’t guarantee the quality is high enough to meet the needs of their calves.

“Adding Boost to colostrum ensures that newborn calves are getting the nutrition they need from the start,” explains Joy Campbell, Director of R&D at APC, Inc. “Boost is formulated for easy mixing and consistent performance to deliver instantly better nutrition to every calf.”

Boost is added directly to colostrum to provide 30 grams of additional globulin protein, plus added vitamins and minerals for newborn calves.

To learn more about APC, Inc.’s LIFELINE brand of products, visit watchthemthrive.com.