The Animal Agriculture Alliance unveiled a new website, the product of an almost nine-month redesign effort focused on providing Alliance members, media and consumers with the most relevant, up-to-date and pertinent information in an easily navigable and mobile-friendly format. 

The new website,, features content broken down into five key categories that mirror the Alliance’s mission to “Connect, Educate, and Protect.” Website visitors will find information about the Alliance’s most recent initiatives as well as science-based facts on hot button issues including the responsible use of antibiotics, animal care and environmental sustainability. 

The website also features two interactive maps: one tracking state legislative measures affecting animal agriculture and a second detailing undercover videos commissioned by animal rights activist groups. Most crucially, the new website will host a Virtual Library containing historical information on the various activist and other detractor groups whose agenda is to eliminate modern animal agriculture. 

The website also presents information in a much more visual manner, focusing on content with accompanying pictures, graphics or video. Most crucially, the website is fully mobile-capable; able to be accessed on any hand-held mobile device. 

The Animal Agriculture Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a broad-based coalition of individual farmers and ranchers, producer organizations, veterinarians, scientists, suppliers, packer-processors, private industry and retailers. The Alliance's mission is to communicate the important role of animal agriculture to our nation's economy, productivity, vitality, security and that animal well-being is central to producing safe, high-quality, affordable food and other products essential to our daily lives. Find the Alliance on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.