DeLaval introduces the world’s first automatic milking rotary system, or DeLaval AMR.

The system will be operated by two robots for teat preparation and another two robots for milking cup attachment. Thus, four robots will work on four cows at the same time. Additionally, a fifth robot will handle teat disinfection after milking has finished. This function is fully automatic and sprays each teat independently using a state of the art time of flight camera that sees the teats and locates them in real time in 3D.

The first commercial rotaries will have up to 90 cow/hour capacity, depending on the number of robots installed. Flexibility has been a key criterion in the design of the system. This capacity can be utilized in different ways to accommodate various farm management approaches. For example, the system can milk herds exceeding 300 cows three times per day or 800 cows twice per day or anything in between.



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