Bobcat Company released the Tier 4-compliant 5600 and 5610 Toolcat™ utility work machines that incorporate a non-DPF (diesel particulate filter) engine solution. These machines also feature a traction control system designed to provide operators with better mobility when ground conditions are conducive to traction loss, or the machines’ wheels encounter obstructions, such as rocks or debris.

The traction control feature is integrated with the machines’ electronics, which allows it to sense speed differentials that typically occur when wheels experience traction loss due to soft ground, snow and ice, or terrain that causes a wheel to lose contact with the ground. The system also senses when wheels encounter obstructions, changes in grade and higher traction levels. A new illuminated rocker switch located on the dash of the 5600 and 5610 utility work machines allows operators to turn the traction control system on or off as needed.

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