BouMatic, the largest U.S. based, globally operating dairy equipment company, has placed its second dairy parlor in Pakistan. The installation of BouMatic's Xcalibur 90XL D20 parlor at Friendship Dairies in Karachi, Pakistan, is the second parlor installation since BouMatic entered the Pakistan dairy market in 2010.

"We really are excited about the challenges that lie ahead, and the benefits and opportunities that are going to arise through the adoption and evolution of BouMatic technology", said Usama and Omair Rehman, owners of Friendship Dairies. Established in 2012, Friendship Dairies supplies raw milk to the corporate societies in Pakistan while establishing a wider retail network, with an understanding that corporate farms can provide better dairy economics and hygiene for its investors and the people of Pakistan.

In early 2012, Usama and Omair visited BouMatic's current installations in Pakistan & China. Impressed with BouMatic's technology, the construction of Friendship Dairies began in March 2012. On January 6, 2014, the first cows were milked by BouMatic's Xcallibur 90LX Double 20 parlor at Friendship Dairies.

In 2014, BouMatic celebrates 75 years of helping dairy farmers harvest milk gently, quickly and completely. The company serves dairy operators in more than 45 countries and employs 400 people worldwide. Its global headquarters are in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Its European headquarters are located in Remicourt, Belgium. To learn more about BouMatic, please visit: