Foundation Genetics and Cooperative Resources International (CRI) have entered into a service agreement to have Foundation Genetics house and provide semen collection services for a number of bulls owned by Genex Cooperative, Inc., a subsidiary of CRI.

“Marketing cattle genetics worldwide is an integral part of business for Genex and CRI. Transferring a set of dairy and beef sires to a Canadian custom collection facility is in concert with the Genex board’s strategic plan to mitigate potential risks associated with the international marketplace,” said Peter Giacomini, CRI Vice President of Business Development. “In this instance, producing Genex genetics in Canada provides international marketing opportunities should U.S. semen exports be interrupted.”

“Foundation Genetics is qualified to ship semen worldwide, possesses a state of the art facility and upholds industry-leading standards for bull care, collection, semen quality and handling,” Giacomini said. 

CRI and Foundation Genetics will continue to operate independent of one another in their genetic and marketing programs; this agreement does not include joint distribution or sales.