Genex Cooperative, Inc. introduces a genomic mating program, G-MAP, the newest technology available in the genomic revolution.

G-MAP will be available to any dairy producer with genomic test results (3K or 50K) on their cow(s) and/or heifer(s). G-MAP can provide mating recommendations for an individual genomic-tested animal, a group of genomic-tested animals or a whole herd with GPTAs.

G-MAP has all the convenience and features of the traditional Genex MAP program. The mating focus can be customized to meet each producer’s breeding goals. Inbreeding and lethal recessives continue to be controlled. Mating recommendations are available via e-mail, the Web or paper. Mating recommendations can easily be imported into dairy management software. Producers can divide animals into various groups for specific breeding strategies and mate each group to different sires accordingly.


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