E.I. Medical Imaging announces the launch of the I.C.E. linear probe extension for the Ibex family of ultrasound systems.

The I.C.E. (Ibex Customizable Extension) is a unique accessory for the Ibex offering flexibility unparalleled in the industry.  The I.C.E. device was designed and tested in conjunction with veterinarians skilled in hands-free scanning.  The I.C.E. is engineered to lessen fatigue and stress on the user’s arms promoting a longer and more productive career.  Features of the I.C.E. include:

  • Customizable angle to allow for use in a variety of diagnostic procedures.
  • Flex section of the I.C.E. is easy to bend to exactly the desired angle.
  • Proven design for ease of Hands-free scanning.
  • Safer and less stressful on both user and animal.
  • Easy probe insertion and removal into the I.C.E. extension.
  • Ruggedized design ensuring durability in the most demanding field conditions.
  • Manufactured using FDA approved materials.


Contact E.I. Medical Imaging at (866) 365-6596 or email:  info@eimedical.com.

I.C.E. Probe Extension