Pfizer Animal Health announces the availability of Salmonella Newport Bacterial Extract vaccine with SRP Technology, an effective management tool in the control of salmonellosis caused by Salmonella Newport.

The Salmonella Newport Bacterial Extract vaccine with SRP Technology effectively controls infection and fecal shedding of Salmonella Newport, resulting in reduced disease incidence and improved herd performance.

Salmonellosis is an economically devastating disease to the dairy industry, and incidence is on the rise. According to the 2007 National Animal Health Monitoring Service report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 48 percent of all dairies were infected with Salmonella. The percentage of operations infected with Salmonella was nearly twice that of 1996, and over that same 10-year time period, the percentage of cows infected with Salmonella has more than doubled to 13.7 percent.



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