Superior Manufacturing now offers grain bins with capacities ranging from 1,850 to more than 1 million bushels. The bins are backed by a lifetime roof warranty. Superior’s roofs withstand wind gusts of up to 90 mph and 37-pound snow loads per square foot. Roof features include 3½-inch-deep rigidized roof ribs that are secured together by wind rings in a single resilient unit. Individual pipe pieces come together and further fasten the roof and its wind rings by clamping a locking bracket at every roof rib. These brackets give added security and durability because they eliminate the twisting and displacement common with expansion bolts.

Superior also offers 20-by-20-inch vents to increase airflow and reduce condensation to allow grain to dry faster. The vents are punched out of the steel, which prevents moisture from leaking into the bin.  For more information, visit